Coupon Code Manager App

Business Software for Your Ultimate Coupon Codes Tracking


CCMA offers five coupon codes and campaigns for free. One place to store to keep managing coupons.

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Use Cases

A coupon code tracker can be a valuable tool for businesses, helping them manage and optimize their use of discounts. Here are several use cases for a coupon code tracker.

Sending promotional offers and discounts to a large customer base

Sending notifications and updates to a group of employees or team members (COMING SOON)

Add as a reminder to store details of the corresponding coupon code & campaign

Pricing plan

Please contact us if you need a high limit.

Free plan



  • Coupons limit: 5
  • Campaigns limit: 5
  • Basic Support
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Basic plan



  • Coupons limit: 25
  • Campaigns limit: 25
  • Pro Support
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Discover quick answers to your questions about the Coupon Code Tracker.
  • What is a coupon code tracker?

    A coupon code tracker is designed to monitor and manage coupon codes effectively. It helps businesses or individuals track various aspects of coupons and distribution.

  • Why should I use a coupon code tracker for my business?

    Using a coupon code tracker can offer valuable insights into the success of your promotional campaigns. It helps businesses track customer behavior, and optimize future marketing strategies.

  • Is my customer data secure when using a coupon code tracker?

    Our coupon code trackers prioritize the security and privacy of customer data.

  • How can a coupon code tracker benefit my marketing strategy?

    By providing insights into the performance of different coupon codes, a tracker helps you refine and improve your marketing strategy.

  • Is a coupon code tracker suitable for small businesses?

    Coupon code trackers can be beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses can optimize marketing efforts.

  • What features are included in the free version?

    The free version offers access to create 5 coupons.