MI Card- QR Contact App

A QR business card combines the timeless utility of exchanging contact information with the convenience and versatility of modern technology.


The MI Card QR business card revolutionizes networking with digital convenience.


1. Go to the Google Play Store and download the MI Card- QR Contact app.
2. Follow the prompts to create your digital business card. Input your name, job title, company information, contact details (phone number, email, etc.), and any other information you want to include.
3. Once your digital business card is ready, the app will generate a QR code containing all the information you provided.
4. Share your QR code with others by displaying it.

Use Cases

Enhance networking with MI Card QR—share, connect, engage effortlessly, digitally.

At conferences and seminars, professionals can instantly leverage MI Card QR business cards to share contact information. Instead of carrying a stack of physical cards, attendees can have their QR code scanned, providing their contact details in an instant.

Sales and marketing professionals find the MI Card QR particularly useful during client meetings. By presenting a digital business card, they can impress potential clients with a high-tech and eco-friendly method of contact information.

Professionals who travel frequently or have dynamic contact information can benefit from the real-time updating feature of MI Card QR business cards. This ensures that all new contacts have the latest information without the need for reprinting physical cards.

Individuals can use MI Card QR business cards at social gatherings to share their contact information. Including websites and email broadens their reach and ensures that their professional information is easily accessible. 

Pricing plan

This is completely a free application.


Discover quick answers to your questions about the MI Card- QR Contact
  • What is the MI Card QR Business Card app?

    MI Card QR Business Card is a mobile application designed to digitize traditional business cards into QR codes, making it convenient to exchange contact information.

  • How does the app work?

    The app allows users to create a digital business card by inputting their contact details such as name, phone number, email, and company information. Once created, the app generates a unique QR code representing this information.

  • Why should I use MI Card QR Business Card?

    MI Card QR Business Card offers a modern and eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper business cards. It simplifies the process of exchanging contact information and ensures that your details are easily accessible to others.

  • Is the app available for download?

    Yes, the MI Card QR Business Card app is available for download on the Google Play Store for Android devices.

  • Can I customize my digital business card?

    No right now. We’re making some improvements in the near future. Contact us for details

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