TwilioBox Addon

Connect and automate your SMS messaging with TwilioBox - the ultimate Google Sheets add-on for Twilio


TwilioBox is your organization's ultimate solution for cost-effective batch text messaging! Easily craft your messages within a Google Sheet™ and effortlessly dispatch them with a click.


Discover the power of TwilioBox, a dynamic Google Sheets add-on available for easy installation from the Google Workspace Marketplace from the below video

Use Cases

Whether you're disseminating marketing messages, notifications, calendar reminders, facilitating group communication, or managing a single message or a multitude, TwilioBox has you covered.

Sending promotional offers and discounts to a large customer base

Sending notifications and updates to a group of employees or team members

Sending emergency or important announcements to a community or organization

Sending personalized thank you messages to customers after a purchase.

Pricing plan

TwilioBox licenses are sold per user per year basis. This includes access + and one-year updates.

Annual License Key



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  • No Send Limit *
  • Basic Support Included
  • Connect to Twilio
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Discover quick answers to your questions about the TwilioBox Google Sheet Addon.
  • What is TwilioBox Google Sheet Addon?

    TwilioBox Google Sheet Addon is a tool integrating Twilio’s communication services with Google Sheets, enhancing data management and communication workflows.

  • How does it work?
    1. Install the Google Sheets Addon
    Get the add-on from the G-Suite Marketplace. You just need a Google account to get started.
           2. Open the add-on from Google Sheets Add-on

    From Google Sheets, click on Add-ons to open our add-on. Select your tool to start the automation process. Then, click Open after that.

          3. Sit back and enjoy your result on Google Sheet

    From Google Sheets, you can now connect your Twilio keys sidebar and send your next text message campaigns.
  • Are there any limitations on the number of SMS messages I can send through Twiliobox?

    The number of SMS messages you can send is determined by Twilio’s pricing.

  • How secure is Twiliobox in handling SMS data?

     Twiliobox follows Google’s security standards for add-ons.

  • Can I customize the TwilioBox Addon for specific needs?

    Right now, this feature is not available and please contact us for the customization.

We provide essential maintenance to all users!